At this time, though the state of North Carolina is in Phase 3 of Reopening, ERUUF is operating under our own Phase 2 Reopening Guidelines.  (The Phases and Guidelines can be found below.) At this time all ERUUF programs including Sunday services remain online. Outside space on campus is available for small group use by reservation.  

If you need to reach us, the ERUUF Office will be open on Thursdays from 10-2, and by special arrangement as might be needed.

At ERUUF, we do most of our ministry on teams and this includes the staff. To help slow the curve, our staff have made adjustments to minimize the days and times that we are together in nearer proximity. This is a proactive effort to reduce our contact as much as possible while COVID-19 rates are very quickly rising to new high levels. This will also help us continue to do our jobs and offer programs if any ministers or staff members should need to quarantine for any reason.  

Incoming ERUUF mail is held in a securely locked outside mailbox, and we bring it inside regularly. Many thanks to everyone who let us know that there have been various problems with our phone system. These have been addressed and we’re confident that this is now working as usual. (Please continue to let us know about these important things—we don’t call our own offices regularly so we’re often the last to know!)   

It’s infuriating that the pandemic has been politicized to the point that leaders are unable to quickly and directly offer us the guidance we all so desperately need. We’ve collected this information to share among staff so that we can continue to be safe as we work together.You  might find this helpful too: