At this time, though the state of North Carolina is in Phase 3 of Reopening, ERUUF is operating under our own Phase 2 Reopening Guidelines.  (The Phases and Guidelines can be found below.)   
  • At this time ERUUF groups are able to sign up to use outdoor space on our campus, and worship is live streamed by a small team of 10 or fewer in the Sanctuary on Sunday morning.  At this same time ERUUF is hosting Early Voting and a few other important events in accord with our Phased Reopening Guidelines. This is possible because different activities pose different risks.
  • In all of this, we are guided by our commitment to public safety. At this time, sitting together in enclosed spaces such as religious services, meetings, and group gatherings continues to be one of the most hazardous things we can do. And this is why, no matter how much we are longing to gather together, especially in the sanctuary as "one strong body," we will not do this until conditions improve. As always, the ministers, staff, and ministry team leaders are here and able to respond in a variety of ways if you find yourself in any need. 
  • One safety note: sadly, in this time cyber thieves continue to use ministers' identities to send email messages to congregation members that ask for financial assistance (often through gift cards). This is happening in many congregations as well as ERUUF. Remember that our ministers will never ask you to send gift cards to "assist someone else in urgent need."   We only ask for contributions in the Sunday service, during the annual pledge drive, and occasionally in person for well-publicized special congregational projects. If you receive an "urgent email message", check the email domain. If the message is not from it's definitely a ruse, and the best thing to do is not to respond to that message. Rather, contact the ERUUF Office, or forward the message to the minister at their correct ERUUF email address. Then delete the message and remove the sender from your email address book. This is another important way that we can all "stay safer" during this time.