Although the spread of the omicron variant has begun to slow down, in the Triangle we remain at "extremely high" risk of spreading (and catching) the virus. Local hospitals are at capacity for other patients as well as covid patients. So at this time with a few exceptions, ERUUF programs are either outdoors (with masks and social distancing) or online only.

The exceptions right now are for middle school OWL classes which need to meet indoors. And other children's classes that may move indoors when the weather is extreme. Some rentals may resume if the office determines that they meet public safety guidelines. All this is in accord with CDC and NC DHHS recommendations (e.g. children attend school during the week, sports and other activities; public places are open for business). We continue to live stream worship on Sunday morning (available by recording afterward as well). We have patio heaters and other support for outdoor classes. As usual, the use of outdoor campus space must be arranged through the Office.

This plan for meeting mainly online or outdoors will continue as long as cases remain at the CDC level of "extremely high" in our area. We will continue to monitor public health conditions, and rely on the expertise of ERUUF's public health safety advisors. And we'll continue to follow the guidance provided by the CDC, NCDHHS, and UUA. And we will reopen the campus just as soon as it's safely possible.