ERUUF Helping ERUUFians 

Thank you to everyone who has sent contributions to the Ministers Discretionary Fund. Some have sent their stimulus checks and others have contributed $10, and each represents a genuine sacrifice.  Thanks to everyone’s love and support, together we’ve helped fellow members close the gap on essentials such as rent and mortgage, food, transportation, and utilities. Many are still waiting after six or more weeks to hear back from the unemployment office, or about their SBA loans. Those pictures of long lines of very nice middle-class cars in line at food pantries?  That’s us, middle America, one paycheck, one health crisis away from losing it all. But in this congregation, we won’t let each other go hungry or sit in the dark with the lights turned off. Thank you also to everyone who has contributed to ERUUF itself by pledge completion, or extra contribution. You inspire me, ERUUF…you really do.  

Click below to read Rev. Cayer's update from May 1, 2020. 

Scammers Gotta Be Scammers 
It’s infuriating that in a time of worldwide crisis, identity thieves keep creating new FAKE E-MAIL ADDRESSES using my identity. They now try to sound casually professional yet familiar, use religious-sounding language, and their spelling has improved. Regardless, this is not me. It’s someone pretending to be me—which is illegal.  Know that neither I nor any of ERUUF’s other ministers or staff will ever send you an email to ask for gift cards, cash transfers, or anything else. If you receive a message that seems odd, please forward it to me at my actual address. It’s best if you don’t even respond to the hackers.  

Parenting in Captivity 
Parents, we know you’re among those struggling the most. I’m wondering how you’re holding up and if there’s anything ERUUF might offer that you could access at whatever moment you might have? And single parents, you especially are in my heart. Do you have someone to call when things get rough? Or if you get sick? When we talk about beloved community it’s not just about lovely, peaceful meditations. It’s also about help with the ick and gross, the things you cannot imagine ever asking anyone to help you with. Been there. It’s not pretty, but it’s life, and nothing is too terrible that you can’t let in someone to listen and lend a hand. You’ve already contributed to the Human Being Foundation—you and your children are breathing and eating and they are alive to create ruckus another day. Good Job Parents! Let’s make sure that keeps on happening. Please let me or someone else know if there’s any way we can support you.