ERUUF is Online. We are following all City of Durham and State of North Carolina pandemic guidelines.

Click below to read Rev. Cayer's update from May 14, 2020.

Rev. Cayer Update: May 14, 2020 

Board Listening Sessions

Sunday, May 17, 1:00 PM and  Monday, May 18, 7:00 pm 

The Board will host two Listening Sessions to share information about ERUUF’s finances in the midst of the pandemic, answer questions, and hear members’ ideas. 

Reopening Meetings

Later this month, the Board and Coordinating Teams will host a different series of discussions (dates and times TBD) to share information and hear leaders’ and members’ ideas about how to safely reopen our campus. As new information emerges, various denominations have issued guidelines about the complexities of reopening. ERUUF leaders are tracking these recommendations, will share information and be eager to hear our members' ideas and concerns. The good news is that there is no need to rush into reopening and every reason to proceed with caution. We are committed to doing this together as a community and look forward to hearing from our members.

ERUUF Payroll Protection Program Loan

On May 6 we were notified that ERUUF was awarded a Payroll Protection Program loan from the Small Business Administration for $106,200. These loans are designed to help small businesses and non-profits, including congregations, keep employees on their payroll for eight weeks after the loan initiates; this is part of an effort to support the economy and help it stabilize. Congregations were included in the program because Congress reasoned that many programs that feed and house our most vulnerable citizens are managed and supported by congregations. If we maintain staffing at the same level for eight weeks, the loan becomes a grant.

Zoom Updates

If you use Zoom to attend online meetings, it’s very important that you regularly download the latest updates from the company. Zoom has added enhanced security features to protect all of us from such things as “zoom bombing”—rude, sometimes vulgar intrusions into online meetings by hackers. Please check to make sure your program is updated.

Congregational Outreach

Over the past six weeks, teams from Pastoral Care, Membership, Stewardship, and Religious Education have been reaching out with phone calls and emails to all our members. By and large, people report that they are mainly okay if often stressed in a variety of ways. Many people also report that they’ve slowed down, tuned into their families and friends more regularly, and are rethinking their former schedules. Amid this unusual and sometimes stressful time, we are a caring community that can offer listening and practical support. If you or your loved ones might need someone to listen, if you’d like some non-judgmental support for your personal relationships, or find yourself in need of temporary financial support, please contact one of the ministers or someone from the Pastoral Care Team. ERUUF is here to help.