It’s the news we’ve been hoping for—the CDC today declared that two weeks after you’ve been vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask, whether indoors or outside. It’s good news for those who’ve had their shots. AND…it’s going to take time for businesses and other places—like ERUUF—to figure out what this means for a multiage community where some have been vaccinated and some have not.  

Prior to today, we had just recently updated ERUUF’s Phased Reopening Guidelines and planned to post them this weekend.  We’ll go back and review them ASAP. But for now, in summary, as of May 15, 2021, adults who meet in an ERUUF group on campus may do so without masks if everyone in the group agrees. Music groups may sing together outside with masks (we’ll update this as soon as we get new guidelines on singing). At this time, when children are present, masks must be worn. Here is the updated policy:   

PHASE TWO-PLUS begins May 15, 2021: Outdoor meeting only continues with the following updates after the CDC and State of North Carolina eased covid-19 public safety guidelines (“Easing Statewide Restrictions” April 28, 2021). 


  • Worship remains online only at this time (we are not able to sing together, children under 12 are not vaccinated, etc.).  

Adult Programs 

  • With the exception of music groups that involve singing, adult participants in adult-only groups do not have to wear masks outdoors if all group members agree to the practice.   
  • Masks must be worn if children are present in any group.   
  • 6 feet of social distancing is maintained by all participants.  
  • Music groups may meet to sing outdoors with masks and 6 feet of social distancing in all directions.  
  • Groups, including groups that are adjacent to one another on campus, will maintain current state of North Carolina guidelines for maximum density of large outdoor gatherings: 24 people per 1,000 square feet (roughly 25’ x 40’, or 24 people in a space the size of the lawn in front of the CARE Building).

As described in the Overview of Guidelines for ERUUF Phased Reopening During Covid-19  

  • All group leaders must reserve space with the office.  
  • Group leaders are responsible for communicating these guidelines to all participants.
  • Bathrooms are only available in the Fellowship Hall at this time.  
  • Group leaders will be given a Fellowship Hall key upon request and will be responsible for checking bathrooms to make sure lights and water are off before locking the building at the end of the group’s scheduled time.  

Celebrations of Life--Weddings and Memorials 

  • The Sanctuary is available for Weddings and Memorial Services for Members 
  • 100 guests may be in attendance, plus wedding party, minister, musician, and tech team members 
  • Masks must be worn by guests
  • Speakers in the ceremony may be unmasked.  
  • Social distancing for all guests and in the pews.   
  • No singing except by one soloist in the Chapel.  
  • No wind instruments except one in the Chapel; either or singer or flute
  • Sign in procedure/form in place (for contact tracing)


During Phase Two-Plus, rentals of the ERUUF campus will be considered if renters are organizations with strong internal organization and clearly delegated authority, proof of liability insurance, and a demonstrated capacity to meet all state safety mandates.  (examples of such groups would include Durham County Board of Elections and Family PreSchool.)  Cleaning protocols must be specified in each contract. If a participant at a rental event subsequently tests positive for Covid-19 the renter will notify the ERUUF Administration and public health officials. 

Weddings and Memorial services are for members only at this time.