The Board Policy Manual contains the End Statement vision and all the policies which govern how our form of governance works as well as policies that affect the overall health and operation of the ERUUF congregation.

These policies are set by the Board of Trustees. Below is a table of contents that contains links to separate documents for each section.

Table of Contents

Governance Policies

G.I Ends Statements

G.II Executive Limitations Policy

G.III Governance Process Policy

G.IV Board-Lead Minister Relationship Policy

Finance Policies

F.I Gift Acceptance Policy

FII. Policy on Reserves and other Equity Accounts

Congregational Policies

C.I Policy on Committees

C.II Policy-Making Guidelines

C.III Conflict Mediation Policy

C.IV Complaint and Grievance Policy

C.V Disruptive Behavior Policy

C.VI. Policy and Process for Removing Names from the Membership Roll On Member Request; Routine Administrative Maintenance of Membership Roll

Special Policies

S.I Special Policy: ERUUF BOT Delegation to Ministry and Process for Establishing Operating Procedures to Control Access to the Fellowship Campus During the Covid-19 Pandemic.



See Operations for other guidance and policies.

Contact Person: Connie Pearcy
Role: Board Governance Committee
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Lead Minister