Resources needed for this process include:

  • The Vision
  • The Mission
  • The Fellowship Covenant
  • Current Strategic Plan


ERUUF's Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is to transform lives by building a free and inclusive covenantal religious community of spirit, service, justice, and love.

Vision Statement

We are a vibrant, diverse, engaged community where spirits are nourished, ideas thrive, and love finds action.

We are welcoming and radically inclusive. We recognize and value the humanity of all who come through our doors.

We actively and courageously work for racial, economic, social and environmental justice, and are deeply committed to dismantling the divisive cultures of dominance in our society. 

Grounded by our principles, we radiate love, joy and a spirit of generosity. Our deep connections sustain us and fuel both spiritual and personal growth.

We are a visible force for justice, equity and compassion in our community as we live into the ultimate transformative power of love.

 Adopted by the Board of Trustees May 2019

ERUUF's vision statement comes from the Board of Trustees’ vision and a collective understanding of where it is that we want and need to go to live into our mission. Gathered from much listening to each other, this document will guide the work at ERUUF for the next 7-10 years including development of a new Strategic Plan and revision of the Ends Statement Policies.

Our Covenant

A Covenant for ERUUF (September 2017)

As a people ready to be changed by our evolving understanding, we covenant to practice right speech by bringing and assuming good intentions in every conversation; by listening respectfully and questioning kindly; and by speaking with humility.

We commit to make our spaces supportive, our dialogue compassionate, and our diversity deep, broad and proud. We promise to seek out and welcome difference, work patiently through challenges, support and comfort each other as we live our Unitarian Universalist values.

Recognizing the fierce courage needed to confront and disarm systemic racism, homophobia, and fear of The Other, we accept responsibility for what we say and do, and for what we do not say or do.

Mindful of our desire to create a more loving and just world, we covenant to seek support from the wise and experienced when we fall short, and to begin again in love.

And as people of faith, hope, and love, we will leave room for awe.

This is a living document, created from our values and shared commitments. Groups, teams and committees are encouraged to use this to share the spirit that informs their work. And we’ll use it in services and on special occasions, and we’ll check in on it in the future to see what updates might be right at that time.

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

The Strategic Plan for ERUUF is developed as a cooperative effort by the Coordinating Team and the Board of Trustees and identifies the areas of focus and development that will guide ERUUF's budgeting and program decisions over the next three to five years. ERUUF has been operating on a Strategic Plan that was developed in 2011-2012, so after considerable review and discussion, a new Strategic Plan has been created and was approved by the Board in 2016-2017. The plan articulates specific ways members will engage in shared ministry to make the fellowship's vision reality. It defines four vision goals:

  1. Engage members as a Beloved Community to live our UU Principles
  2. Create pathways for spreading justice and/in the light of our liberal religion
  3. Create a culture where racial equity and inclusion is the norm
  4. Build capacity

The 2016-2019 Strategic Plan was created from these sources:

  • Small group conversations during 50th Anniversary year
  • Plan and Eight Ends developed by the Multicultural Change Team for ERUUF’s ministry for Racial Equity and Inclusion
  • Proposal by Earth Justice to become a Green Sanctuary congregation
  • Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Retreat February 2017
  • ERUUF’s Ends

By incorporating such a wide range of member input, the Strategic Plan represents the clearest available account of the current aspirations of the ERUUF community and our shared vision of ERUUF's future.

Members of the Coordinating Team currently are: Rev. Cayer, Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Jean O'Barr, and Daniel Trollinger. Together with the members of the Board, they encourage you to reflect on this plan and how it can be translated effectively into the shared ministry programs at ERUUF.

pdfStrategic Plan with Updates