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ERUUF Drummers Circle

Thu, Dec 2 2021 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Whether it’s a cow bell, a Native American prayer drum, a Latin conga, or an African shekere, there’s room for your song at the Eno River Drum Circle. We’re an inclusive, fun, and rhythmic community that welcomes drummers of all styles and stripes  regardless of experience, age, or drumming tradition.

Drumming is a village experience. It's inter-generational and gender neutral. No skills are required, just a willingness to play and have fun. Our motto: it doesn’t matter how well you play, it matters how well you play with others. We focus on listening to the whole song and finding a place for your unique voice.  Bring your percussion instruments (there’s always plenty of extras to share), drum stories, and traditions to share with the group.

We play traditional rhythms from all over the world as well as spontaneous creations, giving ourselves a license to experiment and experience joy.  Contact Cliff Missen.