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Sun, Oct 31 2021 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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ERUUF CUUPs invites you to join us to celebrate Samhain, also known as Hallowmas, on Halloween night at the ERUUF campus in front of the CARE building.

The Wheel of the Year is turning to the time of year we remember the dead and welcome them into our circle.

Please bring:

1. A photo(s) or memento of someone who has passed on from our earthly realm. This can include animals.

2. We will wear masks covering the nose and mouth the whole time, and you are welcome to wear any additional mask or costume that resonates with your persona to add to the mystery of this dark time. Dress warmly, since we will remain outside, although a bathroom is available.

3. Water bottle or other beverage for yourself. We will pour small libations.

RSVP nice but not required to Susan, .

Blessed Be!