Earth Justice Film: We The People 2.0

Sat, Mar 17, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Earth Justice monthly plant-based potluck and film series:“We The People 2.0” – about what is wrong with American “Democracy”

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Potluck at 6:00. Please bring a vegan dish, but if you can’t there will be extra food, suggested $5 donation.

Free 90-minute film starts at 6:30, with discussion at 8:00: “We the People 2.0” -- Shares stories from communities across the country that are organizing against fracking, pollution of groundwater from toxic dumps, and other threats, and are confronting our structure of law, which elevates the rights of corporations over the rights of people, communities, and nature. Their inspiring solution is to frontally challenge the oligarchy that has destroyed democracy in the United States. From the director of The 11th Hour, Leila Conners.