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30 Days of Love for Democracy

Sat, Jan 2 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Categories: Justice
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As we count down the days to the Inauguration on January 20, 2021, we're mindful that Unitarian Universalists are highly committed to democracy. Long ago the Hebrew prophets claimed that there had to be public space and protection for the human freedom to make choices, and respect for the dignity of every person. Progressive spiritual leaders have claimed this ever since, and this January at ERUUF we're claiming it too.  
Beginning January 2, every day for the following 30 days we'll post a quote about democracy, a moral quality we each need for democracy to thrive, and suggestions for how to practice the quality.  Plus, there will be a reflection question or two about the day's democratic topic, and suggested actions we can take to support democracy. This material will be posted every morning in a new ERUUF Practices Democracy Facebook Group. If you'd like to participate, please request membership in the group here.  Every day you can go to the group to read the day's material, post reflections, questions, and responses, and share material that you think others might be interested in. 
UPDATE:  We've added a 2nd way to participate! Email Michele, and ask to be added to the daily email list. Every day you will receive the daily post of the same material via email. 
Please note that interaction and discussion will only be possible within the Facebook Group. Interaction and discussion is not possible with the email option only.  ALSO NOTE:  You may sign up for the daily email AND participate in the Facebook group, but you must request participation in each option.    
Whichever option you chose, your level of participation is up to you. There is no requirement that you have to "do it all" every day—unless you're really inspired and wish to do that. You might like to reflect on just the quote, or journal about the spiritual practice, or bring the day's reflection question to your family or friends at lunch or dinner time, or find one action to take each week. This 30 Days of Love for Democracy will be a chance for you to explore your relationship with democracy and consider what it asks of you, so you can support this vital and precious form of government in ways that are most meaningful to you. (btw, Democracy called—she needs you!)   
Members of the group will agree to a simple group covenant. The point of our interactions will be to build a brave space to explore what is required in us and in our society in order to have a healthy, functioning democracy. It is possible to be curious, honest, welcoming, open, inclusive, and kind all at the same time. And share the space by "moving forward/ moving back" to use your voice and make space for others. That's the best of what it means to be a religiously liberal person. This will be a group where we have the chance to practice our UU faith together on behalf of the greater, common good. 
This 30 Days of Love project has been inspired by the Fetzer Institute's support for democracy and the spiritual practices offered by All ERUUF members are welcome.