Finance Summary (1st Quarter Report, 2018-19)


Finance Summary for 1Q Fiscal Year 2018-19

The annual external financial review is motion with the accounting firm.

Revenue and Expenses. The 1Q numbers show a variance from the same point last year. Income is slightly down and expenses are up. This is not cause for concern. Income and expenses can be seasonal and fluctuate. Contributions can be variable as to what time of year they arrive. The increase in expenses is a reflection of greater program activity. It has been a fast and busy start to the year, so it is not surprising to see this show up on the expense side. Rental income is strong again. The campus is VERY busy these days.

Key numbers:

FY 2018-19 YTD Net operating total: $38,663,600 (compare FY 2017-18 at $70,778)

Facilities Needs Fund: $43,401 (note this fund has been renamed to correlate with policy documents currently being drafted.)
General Reserve Fund: $68,066

 (document by Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration)