Finance Summary (1st Quarter Report, 2019-20)


Finance Summary for 1Q Fiscal Year 2019-20

The three months of the fiscal year show good start for the program year. Contributions are on par with last year. Expenses are in line with expectations.
Net YTD: $43,584 FY 2019-20 vs. $38,648 FY 2018-19

Rental income is up significantly due to robust summer camp rentals and many campus events. While positive on the income side, this has taxed the staffing support systems that make all of this work. An evaluation will needed this year to determine the level of staffing/support needed for a sustainable campus use schedule.
An accountant has been booked to conduct the annual Agreed Upon Procedures financial review of the previous fiscal year. This will be completed in December.

Facilities: major repairs/projects

• Replace/repair doors and door frames on rear of Commons Room.
• Replace blinds in Rm 4/5 and 1.
• Clear gutters in all buildings.
• Install new metal roof for part of Care bldg. as part of solar project.
• Redesign garden in front of office.

Facilities Reserve Study: The contract has been awarded to Giles-Flythe. Site visit began October 7, report will follow later this fall.

Solar Project: The solar project is moving forward. Installation details are being sorted out for both solar and roof. The fundraising effort is about $15,000 shy of the project goal, with several weeks still to go on the campaign. Any excess funds raised will be placed in the Campus Needs Fund and the Strategic Initiatives Fund. 

Please refer questions on financial details to the Director of Administration or the Board Finance Advisory Committee. 

(document by Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration)