Finance Summary (2nd Quarter Report, 2015-16)

Revenue & Expense Statement


Summary: As a reminder, the income cycle of a church is cyclical and seasonal. To reach the end of the year on budget, it is expected that at least 60% of the pledge income is received in the first six months. So far pledge income is about 58% of total pledged (vs. 61% last year).

Net operating total YTD: +$41,574. This is well below last year’s pace (+$74,953).

On the income side pledge income is again below the pace set the previous year. Rental income is trending lower at this point as well, though campus use remains high. On the expense side expenses are basically on or under budget in most areas. Staff transitions result in slightly higher personnel expenses. A grant from the Foundation will cover the expenses for the 50th Anniversary events during the year. Generosity Sunday and Justice Sunday collections are trending much lower this year. The mortgage payment is $1,419/month.

Financial Review: The annual external financial review (Agreed Upon Procedures) is complete. This external review of ERUUF financial accounting and reporting is evaluated by the Board Finance Advisory Committee..

Context for financial reports:

The level of participation, attendance and programming is very strong.

The number of visitors and new member classes are solid.

There will likely be a net gain in membership for the year putting ERUUF over 600 members.

Building use by ERUUF groups and renters continues to be in high demand during the week and weekends.


Vital Signs: Dashboard figures of key participation levels.





(document by Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration)