Finance Summary (4th Quarter Report, 2018-19)


Finance Summary for 4Q Fiscal Year 2018-19

This year was a steady year for contributions and pledges, rental income, and expenses. The net YTD total is $17,0004 surplus, which will support priorities in the coming fiscal year. Items to note:
• Raffle proceeds over $30,000.
• Staff transitions (Communications Coordinator, music director)
• Additional cleaning needed for VERY busy campus creating higher expenses.
• Greater IT needs and expenses, (new database integrated with new financial accounting system)
• No mortgage (a portion of savings allocated to Campus Needs Fund)
• Rental income over $74,000.
• Restructuring of Foundation and launch of planned giving program.
• Completion of ERUUF visioning process.

Facilities: major repairs/projects

New carpet Room 1, 3, 4/5 (May 2019)
New roof for Fellowship Hall (March 2019)
New roof for Sanctuary (May 2019)
LED retrofit (Aug. 2018, Care Bldg. & Office), part of Green Sanctuary initiative
Facilities Reserve Study: The Board is currently reviewing a charge to a facilities reserve study review team. A number of proposals have been received from external engineering firms. The review team will meet later in July to make recommendations to the Board on engaging this study.

Please refer questions on financial details to the Director of Administration or the Board Finance Advisory Committee.


 (document by Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration)