Finance Summary (Year End Report, 2016-17)

Revenue & Expense Statement


Year End Financial Review 2016-17 

Net operating total YTD June 2017: $10,937.

Mortgage: $110,431, 5.37%; $1,419/month. Term ends 6.15.2025.

This year was a very solid year for contributions and pledges, rental income, and program participation. As ministry teams finish out the program year the last few months show greater expense activity. Items to note:

  1. Staff transitions (Asst. Minister exit; plus Music Director sabbatical) and additions (Beloved Community Choir Director) impact personnel expenses.
  2. Health insurance. Costs and staff coverage are variable. Research is in process to explore options for affordable health care and rising employer costs.
  3. Additional cleaning has been implemented to support our busy campus creating higher expenses.
  4. Greater IT needs and expenses, especially hardware.
  5. The mortgage payment is $1,419/month.
  6. Membership events. Offering more memberships classes and dinners creates more expenses than in past years. This is a sign of growth.
  7. A number of workshops and events upcoming for 2017 have already been paid (Dismantling Racism, SUULE, Justice workshop).

In the past three years ERUUF finished the year with a strong record of pledge completion. In this year of growth, this is certainly the case. The surplus of $10,937 for FY 2016-17 creates an opportunity to address some ongoing needs and priorities.

In the past several years, the Board has indicated a strong priority for fair compensation in budgeting and staffing. Most years, it has not been possible for ERUUF to live into this fully as an employer. In the upcoming budget for 2017-18, there is now an active to plan to keep salaries and benefits in alignment with UUA guidelines. In this spirit, half of the surplus will roll into the General Reserve Fund (currently $52,702). The other half will be used to create a Personnel Fund to manage unexpected personnel costs and provide first year of funding for life and long-term disability insurance for full time staff.

Facilities Maintenance

As reported in the extensive campus assessment, a number of projects are moving forward to address ongoing maintenance needs and campus safety. Some of this is covered in the budget (new LED light and poles around campus), some via the maintenance fund (roof and lighting work this summer) and some through Foundation grants (note the new carpet in the Chapel and Fellowship hall lobby, new signs on campus).

As discussed in the May budget forum and at the annual meeting, there are $300K+ needs for ongoing facilities maintenance. In August, work will begin on the roof. The time has come to make a decision about borrowing for phase 1 of facilities maintenance work (about $125K) or find another way to meet these needs. The Board Finance Advisory Committee will be reviewing ideas and options this summer.

Facilities Maintenance Fund: $46,633

A number of facilities projects are in motion this summer and should be complete by fall 2017.

Total cost (not covered by Foundation grants) will be over $30,000, which will come from the Facilities Maintenance Fund. Items to note:

New carpet (Fellowship Hall lobby*, Chapel, lower Care bldg.)

Fellowship Hall lobby remodeling*

Roof work (Sanctuary flat roof, Fellowship Hall roof vent)

Deck repair/repaint (Fellowship Hall patio and long walkway)

New parking timbers (rear lot)                       General landscape maintenance

New signs for interior and exterior*              Lighting upgrade, campus exterior*

New AV Fellowship Hall*                                New playground equipment*

Additional front bank plantings*                    Repainting Care bldg. bathrooms

*Supported by Foundation grant


(document by Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration)


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