The Inquirers Series is offered each Sunday morning to welcome and inform visitors and friends about ERUUF. Members are welcome as well. You will converse with ministers, staff, and lay leaders as you learn about ERUUF’s values, culture and ministries, along with basics about Unitarian Universalism. Eight topics are covered, one per session, and then repeated throughout the year.

The 8 Inquirers Series classes are required for those interested in becoming a member of ERUUF.

The classes are offered multiple times over the course of the year. While the campus is closed due to the coronavirus, classes take place online at 12 noon each Sunday.

For those who prefer to take the classes all at once, a full day retreat is offered on a Saturday in the Fall and Spring.

See all upcoming Inquirers Series classes at the calendar link below. 


The SERIES ...

1. Q&A with Minister 

An introduction to ministers, an opportunity to ask questions and understand what they do.

2. UU History, Principles and Sources 

Overview of Unitarian Universalism’s seven principles, six sources, and a brief history of our faith.

3. Campus Tour & Orientation 

A guided campus tour and brief history of ERUUF.

4. Faith Development for Children and Adults 

UU faith development philosophy and an overview of the offerings we have in Religious Education (RE) for children and Adult Programs.

5. Worship & Liturgical Year 

ERUUF’s liturgical cycle and program year; the elements of our worship services and how we celebrate holidays.

6. Social Action & Community Service

How and why Unitarian Universalism calls us to respond to injustice with social action and community service. Learn about opportunities to participate in advocacy and social justice practices at ERUUF and in Durham.

7. Pastoral Care and Small Groups 

Learn how we care for one another at ERUUF, and how being involved with Chalice Circles and Covenant Groups help us to connect.

8. Membership 101 & Congregational Life 

The rights and responsibilities of membership, what it means to be a steward of the congregation, how to become a member.

Contact Person: Simon Kaplan
Role: facilitator