The Foundation Board seeks to fund creative proposals describing projects that align with one or more of ERUUF’s Strategic Vision Goals, which are as follows:

  1. Engage members as a Beloved Community to live our UU Principles
  2. Create pathways for spreading justice and the light of our liberal religion
  3. Create a culture where racial equity and inclusion is the norm
  4. Build ERUUF’s organizational capacity


During the 2020 Fellowship year, the Board is particularly interested in projects that advance these goals while engaging ERUUF members in activities that reach beyond our walls. The project might involve a single ERUUF ministry team, collaboration among two or more ERUUF ministry teams or collaboration between an ERUUF team working in partnership with a community group.     

 Depending on the availability of funds, in special circumstances, the Foundation may consider off-cycle grant requests, i.e., for time-sensitive projects. You should contact the Lillie Searles, Foundation Board President, to explore the possibility of submitting an off-cycle proposal.  


  1. Download the docxapplication and open it in your word processing program.
  2. Use the Save As command to save the file with a name that identifies your proposal, such as “Anna Jones-Web Awareness Proposal.”
  3. Use your word processor to complete the application form.  When finished, save the file again.
  4. Email the file as an attachment to along with a brief message.

Your application should take the information provided below into consideration.

Who can submit a proposal?  Proposals may be submitted by members of the ERUUF staff, ministry teams, or congregation members. Before submitting proposals, ministry teams must discuss their proposals with their staff partners, and members must discuss their ideas with the appropriate ERUUF staff person. That staff member may have information about similar projects already under consideration and be able to offer assistance on specifics of the proposal.  These staff members are Kevin Badanes, Music; Julia Tyler, RE; Programs; Daniel Trollinger, Administration & Facilities; and Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Membership. If you’re not sure, ask any Foundation Board member or Daniel Trollinger to direct you to the appropriate staff member.

What is the proposed project, and what will it cost?  Prepare a concise description of your proposal and provide a good estimate of the anticipated costs.  Keep in mind that these grants cannot be used to cover program meals, general operating or maintenance expenses.    

How will ERUUF benefit from this project?  Describe how the project relates to the Strategic Goals (Ends) listed above. The Strategic Plan has been given deliberate and careful consideration with Fellowship-wide consultation. High priority will be given to proposals that address these goals.  More information about the Strategic Plan can be found here.

Proposals that will be given the highest priority for funding are those that are likely to have a significant impact on the Fellowship and community.  Thus, although smaller grants will be given thoughtful consideration, the Board encourages you to think BIG.

How much staff time will this project require? To give the Foundation Board a sense of the indirect costs associated with this project, describe the project activities that will require support from ERUUF staff and estimate the amount of staff time (in hours) that will be needed.  What other ERUUF resources, if any, will this project require?

Timeline:  Submit your proposal by midnight March 1, 2019. The Foundation will meet in March and you will be contacted about any clarifications or additional information needed. Final decisions will be made by the Foundation in April, after which you will be notified. Grant announcements to the congregation will be made shortly thereafter.

Funded projects must be completed within 18 months of the date that the grant was awarded.  At the beginning of January 2021, grant recipients should submit an interim report to the Foundation Board for projects that are still in progress. A report describing the final outcomes should be submitted as soon as the project has been completed, or at the latest, by the beginning of December 2021.