The Eno River Fellowship Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization (501[c]3), with its own board of directors. The Foundation’s board of directors manages an endowment and distributes grants and funds from the interest generated to benefit ERUUF. The Foundation serves as part of the larger package of generosity at ERUUF, and partners with the Legacy and Planned Giving initiative.

What does the Foundation do?

The Foundation provides funding for bold initiatives and program support for ERUUF, to enrich ERUUF’s religious and communal experience for our members and, by extension, the wider community. Thanks to the generosity of many who have contributed over the years, 131 grants totaling over $400,000 have been awarded to benefit ERUUF since 1989.

Why Create a Foundation?

Early members of ERUUF wanted to ensure the continuation of our fellowship and UU mission, to be a source of funds in hard times, and provide a steady underpinning of support. A Foundation was created to house an endowment, where gifts could be invested, with the principal protected in perpetuity, and the interest earnings available to spend on activities, in keeping with donor intent and ERUUF’s mission. 

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is an investment fund established by a foundation that makes consistent withdrawals from invested capital. The principal amount is kept intact, while the investment income is available to disburse in the form of grants. This allows donations to have an impact over a longer period than if it were spent all at once, meaning that donors to the Foundation can benefit ERUUF long beyond their lifetimes.

Why Contribute to the Foundation?

Contributors to the Foundation respond to the human idea about personal legacy and their appreciation for the spiritual and personal growth they gained at ERUUF. Giving is about giving back – about extending and supporting what you believe in, and making a commitment to future generations.

How do I Contribute to the Foundation?

The Foundation gladly accepts charitable gifts of cash, securities, and other assets, often received as memorials or tributes to a person, celebrations of important events, or legacies in planned giving. The Foundation can be named as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement account or insurance policy. Please note the name of the Foundation on your documents directing your intentions. Gifts or bequests mistakenly directed to ERUUF are not transferable to the Foundation.

What are my Choices in How my Gift is used?

Your gifts to the Foundation may be directed to any one or more of the Foundation’s funds, with your choice designated via the Planned Giving Intent Form or a letter to the Foundation. If we cannot determine your gift intent, after appropriate due diligence, your gift will be allocated to the Foundation’s General Fund. Funds include:

  • Initiatives and Enhancements Fund (disbursed as Grant Awards)
  • Mission and Vision Funds (disbursed to the ERUUF Coordinating Team)
    • The General Fund
    • The Learning and Growth Fund
    • The Building Beloved Community Fund
    • The Beyond Our Walls Fund

What is Legacy Giving?

Also known as planned giving, legacy giving typically designates assets in your estate and comes to fruition upon your passing. At its simplest, you create a legacy when you include ERUUF in your will. Legacy gifts may also come from beneficiary designations in your insurance or retirement accounts, and this does not require the involvement of a lawyer. 

Learn more - Legacy Giving

Where can I get More Information? 

Talk with a Foundation board member or a member of the ERUUF Planned Giving Team, or

Learn more - Foundation

Your legacy gift will help assure that ERUUF will continue to thrive well into the future. Thank you for your consideration!