Are there guidelines for what can be discussed on the Board Forum?

Mission statement:

ERUUF is a free and inclusive covenantal religious community that supports open dialogue and the exchange of ideas. This group will foster an interactive conversation between ERUUF members/friends and the Board that serves them. The Board of Trustees will also use this Google group as one method to fulfill its duty to the congregation to keep them informed of Board deliberations and approaching decisions.

Covenant (to be agreed to upon application for membership):

  • The ethic of love is the agreement guiding our communications.
  • I agree to respond to others as I wish to be responded to.
  • I agree to follow the guidelines of this Google group. (below)
  • I believe that all open, honest and vigorous communication that explores the truth can help build spiritual community.
  • I respect that we do not have to agree in order to be in healthy dialogue.

Guidelines for members of the ERUUF Board Google group

Remember:     Be brief       Be kind      Be helpful.

  1. This Google Group is owned and maintained by ERUUF. This group is open to all members and friends of ERUUF or as deemed appropriate by the moderator. This Google group is considered a "closed" group. This means that all information posted, especially photos, is for the eyes of our membership only. It is not permitted to pass on, download, print, quote or forward any information you see here without the permission of the author. However, it will be assumed that any information that is posted is shared with the entire Board, regardless of whether individual members have read the actual post or not.
  2. The ERUUF-Board Forum is to be used for discussions relevant to Board and ERUUF business/activities. Do not forward or pass-on messages from other list-serves or special interest groups.
  3. Please keep your messages brief and to the point. This group is for the sharing of information beneficial to the whole group. Most of us are too busy to read long messages.
  4. The opinions expressed and the recommendations of professionals in the Google group are those of the individual authors and do not represent the opinions of the ERUUF administration or its Board members.
  5. Attacking another person's opinion will not be tolerated. We ask that you respect other's opinions even when they are different from your own. You may disagree, just be nice about it. The Board reserves the right to close any discussion that becomes heated or disrespectful. Persons in such conflict will be asked by the moderator to try to resolve their conflict offline or consult the Healthy Congregations Committee for resolution.
  6. The ERUUF Board reserves the right to moderate the messages of any member who violates these guidelines. This involves having the message approved by the Moderator before it is sent to the entire Google group. A warning will be sent to the individual whose messages are being moderated. If they continue to disregard the guidelines, their membership in the Google group will be revoked. The Board will determine the length of time a member remains on moderation.
  7. In the interest of your safety, we request that you do NOT set your email to automatically send "Out of Office" notices. In addition to generating a non-beneficial message, this also alerts readers that your home might be empty.
  8. Please do not advertise goods or services from which you receive profit or information on fundraisers for other non-profit organizations.
  9. It is never permissible to harvest e-mail addresses or any other information gained from this Google Group for advertising/distribution purposes. Information learned at our group may not be used for any publication outside of the group without permission.
  10. The ERUUF Board reserves the right to shut down the Google group at any time, for any reason, at the Board's discretion. The most likely reason to cause a shutdown would be if the group is no longer providing a useful service to the congregation.
  11. Thank you for joining our ERUUF Board Google group. Please email the group moderator if you need clarification on any of the guidelines.

ERUUF Board Group Moderators