What is the Board Forum and how do I join?

A Google group called “ERUUF-Board Forum” has been designed to foster an interactive conversation between the ERUUF Board of Trustees and ERUUF members and friends.

Any member or friend of ERUUF may request to join the group, which will serve as a platform for open discussion about Board and ERUUF business– an interactive way to ask questions of or give feedback to the Board regarding its decisions and actions.

The Board will also use this Google group as one method to fulfill its duty to the congregation to keep them informed of Board deliberations and approaching decisions.

The group will be moderated to make sure that the covenant and guidelines for the group are adhered to and will be a prototype for the new type of interactive web-based platforms that other groups at ERUUF may choose to create. When you sign up, you can choose settings which will allow you to receive posts as daily messages or as daily or weekly summaries in your email. We on the Board look forward to hearing from you!


How to do this

Joining is easy. 

  1. Send an email to

    You'll receive a email message from  with a confirmation link. Please check your bulk or spam folders if you don't see it. 
  2. Click the confirmation link and follow the online instructions.
  3. A moderator will okay your membership.
  4. You'll start to receive the group's emails and be able to reply to them.

Optional: If you'd like to see the group on its group page, you'll need a Google account, which is easy to set up. Please use the email address that you want to use for this account. It does not need to be a Gmail account. Just go to the ERUUF Board Group page to get started. It will take you to the Google sign-in page.  Click "sign in" and then click on the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner.  Google will guide you through the rest of the process.

Go to the ERUUF Board Forum page