What are Covenant Groups & Chalice Circles?


Ongoing small groups of 8 to 10 people typically gather throughout the program year for exploration of spirituality, values, reflections from personal experience, mutual support, and service. Most new members join a group during September registration and commit to participating through the spring.  As some members choose to re- register for a different group or move on to other ERUUF activities, spaces for new members become available.   Additional groups are formed as demand requires.  There are currently 18 groups meeting at different times.

Group members select a topic for each meeting, and follow a protocol that encourages deep listening and sharing. Each group develops a covenant about how they will relate to one another and function as a group. Groups are led by trained facilitators who are ERUUF members.

Covenant Groups:

  • meet 2 times per month
  • complete 2 service projects per year

 Chalice Circles:

  • meet 1 time per month  (many are meeting more often during the pandemic)
  • complete 1 service project
Contact Person: Barbara Welanetz
Role: Chair -CGCC Steering Team