2024 Pledge Drive: This is Us. For These Times.

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  • March 2024

    Greetings Members and Friends,

    When a friend of mine celebrates a birthday, I often send a message or card congratulating them on having made another journey around the sun. This image came to mind when a colleague sent a text several weeks ago congratulating me on the one-year anniversary of being installed as ERUUF's Lead Minister.

  • Your pledge is a good intent statement to give a certain amount of money to ERUUF within the upcoming fiscal year. A pledge can be paid with cash, check, credit card or stock transfer. Many people choose to become a Sustainer with easy auto-draft options. 

  • A new strategic vision for this fellowship will empower us to IMAGINE and CO-CREATE what our hearts know is possible as a vibrant community committed to spirit, service, justice and love. Your financial commitment is needed to make this change happen. We are asking everyone to reconnect to ERUUF with a pledge of support.

    To aim higher we need to dig deeper, and we are asking those who haven’t pledged to join us now and those that have pledged to increase their pledges.

  • Our congregation is growing (732 members) and seeking to live into the new three-year strategic plan that guides our future. We now need to the resources to fund this vision, which means new programs and staff that need funding. 

  • The amount you pledge is entirely up to you. We encourage a pledge that makes you feel good to be doing your part in this beloved community. We encourage 100% participation no matter the size of the pledge. Need help calculating your annual pledge amount? See the pdfUUA Fair Share Giving Guide.

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  • What is the Pledge Drive About?

    The pledge drive offers members, friends, and visitors the opportunity to think about what ERUUF means to them and to pledge their financial support accordingly. Your pledge, with others, helps define the budget for the next fiscal year, July 1-June 30. The pledge drive involves stewardship activities in February-March, but pledges are welcomed anytime during the year.

Pledging Action Steps

1. Pledge

Your pledge is a good intent statement of what you will give for 2024-2025. Thank you for your generosity! 

2. Give

ERUUF has several ways that you can give your contributions for your pledge: online, text, auto-draft, check, cash, stock. Choose the date when your recurring gifts would start.

Set up online, text, or recurring giving