ERUUF is going solar, with plans to install solar panels on the Care Building, allowing us to generate a significant portion of our electrical power.

The solar project is one of twelve projects in the Green Sanctuary Action Plan that will enable the Fellowship to significantly move toward sustainability. You can be a part of this positive story. Please consider contributing to the Solar Campaign! 

We are moving quickly to take advantage of Duke Energy rebates, so we ask you to make a gift or pledge that will be paid by the end of February 2020.

You can contribute online to the Solar Campaign fund, or mail or deliver a check to ERUUF.  Give Now

All gifts to ERUUF's Solar Campaign are tax deductible charitable donations. Should we raise funds in excess of the solar project cost, the Board has determined that the funds will be invested in the Campus Needs Fund and/or the Strategic Initiatives Fund.

Pledge cards for those who intend to give are available in the ERUUF office, or at the Solar Project table at coffee hour. To discuss your giving or for more information, contact Alice Alexander,

Solar Project Details

Solar panels will be installed on the Care building roof, south facing and southwest facing. 

Project Cost is estimated at $100,750, which includes a 30% rebate from Duke Energy. Application for the rebate is time sensitive, but we are on track for eligibility.

The percent of ERUUF electric usage offset with solar panels is estimated at 59%. 

We anticipate installing solar panels in early 2020.

Visit  Background on Solar Process to learn how this project evolved. Visit Green Sanctuary to learn more about ERUUF’s Action Plan to become more sustainable. 

What are the benefits of Solar Panels?

Living and Leading by our UU Principles

 Installing solar panels demonstrates a congregational commitment to our UU Principles.

Combating Climate Change

Installing solar panels is a tangible and potent response to the alarming science of climate change that this community can accomplish.

A Green Sanctuary is part of our Strategic Plan

Installing solar panels will help ERUUF achieve our strategic goal of becoming an accredited Green Sanctuary.

Increasing our Resiliency

Solar panels will help protect ourselves from rising energy costs and reduce our dependence on Duke Energy.

A Great Investment

Taking advantage of Duke Energy rebates will save significant funds; once installed, we will realize significant reduction in electrical utility costs.

Good for the Environment

We can reduce pollution and our environmental impact by going solar, and invest in the future of the planet.

Making a Difference in the Larger Community

The impacts of climate change affect the least resourceful among us; going solar supports our ongoing earth justice work.


Questions: Albert Hardy, and Denise Frizzell,

Watch a video about the Green Sanctuary Program presented by Karen Brammer, manager for the UUA Green Sanctuary Program.