Solar at ERUUF

The era of solar energy at ERUUF begins in August. The installation is now complete and the panels are operational. The 47 kwh system is designed so that any power generated beyond our current usage in the Care Building and the Sanctuary will create credits off our total electric bill. In addition, we expect to receive over $35,000 in solar rebates from Duke Energy for the initial installation. The system is expected to cover almost 40% of typical usage on campus.

We will be able to monitor the actual energy production and report back the results. As we evaluate efficiency and potential impact from shading, some tree modifications may become necessary. As with any ERUUF project of this size, from engineering to financials, the details are reviewed carefully.

This is a huge success for the congregation and a big step forward in addressing climate concerns. The solar panel project is part of the larger Green Sanctuary Initiative.

Many thanks to all involved in bringing solar to life at ERUUF—donors, solar research team, Earth Justice team, Green Sanctuary team, and Buildings and Grounds. And a special thanks to Denise Frizzell and Peter Romeyn for their leadership on this project.