How do I upload a photo for the directory?

For an individual picture

  • Click on the photo box at the top of your profile page.

  • Click on the Upload Image button on the right.

  • Browse to locate and select the picture file located on your computer. The picture must be an actual recent photo of you or your family. (No clip art, childhood pictures of adults, avatars or random images please.) Please upload an image of yourself so that users of MyERUUF will know who you are. With this in mind profile images of anything other than you will be removed.

  • Preview the photo and adjust the window position and size to best fit the picture.

  • Set” the photo to your profile.

  • Review to make sure your photo is appearing as desired.

  • To change your photo: repeat the above steps and upload the new photo. Once selected, it will replace the old one.

For a family picture

  • Click to edit the family section (click on the gray Family bar to reveal the edit function)

  • Click on the family photo box and follow the same steps as above for uploading a family picture.