What can I find in my ERUUF?

Members have FULL access to all aspects of MyERUUF -- profile, contact info, photo, financial statement, groups, PLUS the searchable photo directory!

Friends (non-members with giving record) have PARTIAL access to MyERUUF --profile, contact info, photo, financial statement, groups, but not the directory.

Directory: The online directory listed in this new system is a work in progress. We need your help. Check your profile to make sure contact and family info is up to date. Post a photo (click here for instructions). As more folks participate it creates a more complete and colorful directory.

Serving: The Serving tab is not being utilized at present. Please visit the volunteer opportunities.

Security: The database that supports the info displayed in your individual proflie is part of a secure system by ACS Technologies. They provide database management services and support for churches and schools across the country.

Questions: If something is not working or you need help, email  or fill out the info form on the MyERUUF start page.