How can I access the Directory?

The online directory in this new system is accessed by searching for members or friends by name.

  1. To see the entire directory, click on the people link in the upper right hand corner and the full list will come up.
  2. While on this page, you can filter the list of names by clicking on the “Show more filter options” link on the left hand side.
  3. To find an individual person, you can either enter name in the Search people box in the upper left hand of your profile page or you can use the More filters option to search by name, email or phone number using the appropriate filter.
  4. Phone numbers may be listed or unlisted in the ERUUF Members and Friends directory. The default is to have both home and cell numbers listed.
  5. If you notice specific info that is not accurate in the Directory for someone other than yourself or your family, 

    contact us for help

  6. The Directory is for use by ERUUF members and staff to communicate about the activities and ministries of the Fellowship. Solicitation for commercial or political activities is prohibited.

Search Tips

  • Type LAST NAME (choices will appear)
  • Select name from list (single click on name)
  • If name does not appear, search by FIRST NAME or if name is common, eg Brown, type entire name.
  • If name still does not appear, then person is not in database
  • In profile, VIEW contact info, map of residence, etc.
  • Click on name of any family members to see additional info.

Tip: don’t put commas; type the name as you would see it on a name tag.

The following work for finding Jane Doe who has a nickname of “JJ”:
jane d
jj doe