The Membership team helps guide and support individuals as they learn about our beloved ERUUF community. The team coordinates the Inquirers Series classes and the Visitor Hosts, and is a part of the “Membership Journey” from an individual’s first visit to ERUUF through the New Member Sunday service and celebration. 

Staff Partner: Alice Alexander, Director of Membership Development
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  • Pastoral Care Associates

    Through phone calls and face-to-face conversations, Associates respond to the ERUUF members’ joys, sorrows and milestones. These trained members visit members as representatives of the congregation. This empowers members to fulfill their covenant to care for one another and our neighbors and helps ERUUF realize its mission of service and love.

  • Care Card Ministry

    This team sends handwritten personal cards to members who are ill or experiencing a joy or sorrow in their lives.  Members also help at the Care table during coffee hours, providing a place for people to write their own cards in support of other congregational members. 

  • Music Committee

    The Music Committee helps select and organize music for the choirs, plans for and provides logictics for special music events and generally works with the Director of Music in planning and arranging for the music program at ERUUF. 

  • Sound Booth Team

    The Sound Booth Team is specially trained to run the sound board in the sanctuary during Sunday services and for other special occasions.  Duties include set up and mike test prior to the start of services including for special speakers or music, monitoring mike status and levels during the service and recording the sermon.  Usually 1-2 shifts per month.

  • Annual Pledge Drive

    Our annual pledge drive offers many tasks that can be done at home: writing and mailing thank-you notes, overseeing publicity, and making follow-up telephone calls. On site we need cheerful support on Sundays during the campaign, and a few special events. Most activity is between February and April.

  • Sunday Greeters

    Sunday Greeters welcome everyone to the Sanctuary and hand out the order of service. Greeters also help prepare the pulpit area and candles before the service begins, take and count the Sunday offering, and count worship attendance.

  • Meals Team

    A helping team for Pastoral Associates, willing to be contacted about providing meals for ERUUFians as needed.

  • Coffee Team

    Members of the Coffee Team provide fresh-brewed coffee, tea and hot chocolate, set up and clean up every Sunday after each service. Members of the team work about once a month.

  • Buildings and Grounds Committee

    The mission of the Building & Grounds volunteers is to maintain ERUUF's property. Activities include carpentry, plumbing, electrical repairs, etc. to the buildings and landscaping, gardening, lawn mowing, etc. on the grounds. Skilled and unskilled volunteers are welcome.

  • Planned Giving Team

    The Planned Giving Team, in conjunction with the ministers, does the education, recruitment and facilitation for legacy gifts that build greater sustainability of ERUUF’s mission well into the future.

  • Denominational Affairs Team

    This group works to strengthen ERUUF's connections with regional, national, and international Unitarian Universalist organizations.

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  • Visitor Hosts

    In-person and online Visitor Hosts provide a welcoming presence to ERUUF's visitors. In-person hosts staff visitor tables in the Gallery and the Fellowship Hall before and after services. Online visitor hosts enter welcoming messages to visitors in the chat while watching the live-streamed service. Join us and help welcome all visitors!

  • Pew Rack Organizers

    Pew Literature Rack straightening volunteers work about 90 minutes once a week to ensure that hymnal books and literature are readily available and in good order.

  • Pride of Place

    Volunteer gardeners help plant, enhance, and maintain ERUUF's gardens in agreement with the existing landscaping plan. Volunteers work together, share gardening knowledge and build community. Volunteers may also work on their own and adopt a garden plot to maintain throughout the growing season.

  • Membership Team

    The Membership team helps guide and support individuals as they learn about our beloved ERUUF community. The team coordinates the Inquirers Series classes and the Visitor Hosts, and is a part of the “Membership Journey” from an individual’s first visit to ERUUF through the New Member Sunday service and celebration. 

  • Sunday Flowers

    Would you like to commemorate a milestone by providing flowers for a Sunday service? To learn more or to sign up, visit the ERUUF Flower information station located on the counter in the ERUUF Art Gallery, or email the Flower Team. You may sign up to donate flowers on the Sunday of your choice, and a notation can be added to the Weekly Order of Service for a dedication. Flowers range from personal offerings from home gardens to formal arrangements ordered through a florist.


  • Worship Associates

    Worship Associates are members of the Fellowship who assist the ministers in planning and delivering Sunday morning services. Worship Associates agree to serve for one or two year terms, receive special training and meet regularly to plan, evaluate and discuss worship. Training is held in the summer. 

  • Rides Team

    A helping team of the Pastoral Associates, willing to be on call to give rides to ERUUFians as needed.

  • Stewardship Steering Team

    The Stewardship Steering Team works with the lead minister and staff to help develop a culture of generosity (i.e., the giving of treasure, time, and/or talent) and stewardship (i.e., the practice of taking care of what is loved) at ERUUF.  

  • Flower Team

    The Flower Team provides flowers for those Sundays for which no one has signed up to bring flowers. (With regret, the Flower Team cannot create arrangements for milestone events. See Sunday Flowers for information.)

    The Flower Team keeps the indoor plants in the Sanctuary building watered and healthy. They replant the outdoor containers seasonally.

  • Art Gallery Committee

    The Art Galleries Committee seeks out artists for the ERUUF art galleries and exhibition spaces, juries their submissions and serves as curators for their exhibits. The Committee oversees the Eno River Gallery, in the main foyer of the ERUUF Sanctuary Building, and other display spaces in the Fellowship Hall and CARE Building. Additionally, the Committee sponsors selected arts activities and events during the year.