Dismantling Racism Program Launches

For the past four years ERUUF has had a strategic initiative aimed at helping the Fellowship understand who we are in the context of an increasingly diverse, multicultural community, and to build the skills needed to live out our Unitarian Universalist values in a multicultural context--both inside our walls and in the communities around us. As part of this ongoing effort, the Board of Trustees and Multicultural Team together applied for and received major financial support from the Eno River Fellowship Foundation. Grateful for this funding, we’re excited to launch a major congregation-wide initiative called “Dismantling Racism.”

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Do you Realize What NC Farmworkers Have Accomplished ?

Some history behind the upcoming RJ Reynolds shareholders meeting, and why you’re needed 

by Dave Austin

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UUA’s Commit2Respond Lifts Up Climate Justice

Reaching beyond efforts to simply increase awareness of climate change, the UUA-organized Commit2Respond initiative seeks to move people to commit to taking collective and long-term action for climate justice. 

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Justice Vision Quest Reports In - Next Steps Being Planned

In May, 2014, a Vision Quest Task Force to look into the best practices for doing justice work as a larger congregation was established at ERUUF.  After a number of months of study, consultation and discovery, the Task Force has completed its work and generated a very informative and thought-provoking report.  The Coordinating Team has written a response to the report and moved forward with implementation by forming and charging a Transition Team.  Stay tuned for further developments!

The Justice Vision Quest Task Force Report - Inspired Faith, Effective Action at ERUUF

Appendix A - Congegational Interview Responses

Appendix B - Survey Results

Coordinating Team Response and Charge to the Justice Transition Team

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Selma 2015

Nearly fifty years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sent a telegram to faith leaders around the thumb selma.handscountry, including Unitarian Universalists, calling on them to join him in Selma. This past weekend marked the 50th anniversary. Rev. Cayer, ERUUF members, Unitarian Universalists, and many more, marched in Selma to continue witnessing against the “disease of racism”: voter disenfranchisement and the eroding of civil rights, the lack of justice especially for the deaths of young men and transgender women of color, and escalating inequality in our country.

See ERUUF in action and witness at Selma.


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Conversations to Make Durham Better

In February, ERUUFians took part in several Durham CAN Listening Sessions, where they shared their ideas about...

  • Providing affordable housing near proposed light rail stations.
  • Requiring written consent to search a vehicle and other means to discourage racial profiling.
  • Achieving a commitment from the city to support our Latin American children with translation services and ESL in the public schools.
  • Getting ALL City Council members, County Commissioners, plus local state and federal representatives to SHOW UP because they have to take this organization seriously. and
  • other ideas for making Durham a better and more just place to live. 

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30 Days of Love (2015)

30DaysOfLoveThis year, ERUUFians have the opportunity to join with folks all over the country in this month-long spiritual journey of commitment to action and service. Beginning mid-January, check out E-news and Facebook postings where you’ll find quotes, reminders, and opportunities for love and service. Everyone at ERUUF is asked to offer at least one hour of service during the campaign which runs from January 18 to February 16. May we harness love’s power as we seek to live into our mission of transforming lives.

See listing of Service Saturdays and Events below.

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Activism on the Death Penalty

The 150 prisoners on the state's death row got Christmas cards, thanks to a project of the Task Force to Abolish the Death Penalty. Those writing the cards, from left: Candace Carraway, Eddie Lee Carlisle, Julie Linehan, Harriet Whitehead and Joyce Kuhn.

Christmas Cards to Death Row December 2014







Prison Visit 2014

ERUUF Justice Presence at Central Prison on Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, ERUUFians Candace Carraway, Pam Sobek, Joan Seiffert, and Emily Zucchino carried the ERUUF Justice "Peace and Hope" banner to Central Prison.  They joined with 75 other people in Raleigh to sing carols to prisoners who are denied any visitors on this day.    Follow this link to a story that features very thoughtful statements by Candace and Joan.  

Cross-cultural Exchange: RJ Reynolds Executives Meet with Farmworker Advocates

What would YOU say if you had 2 ½ hours to talk over the many issues surrounding farmworker welfare with powerful corporate executives, who work for a company that has significant power in the agricultural commodity supply chain?   What questions would you ask?

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