Moral Mondays

UUs from around North Carolina and several members of ERUUF have been involved with the protests called "Moral Mondays" at the NC Legislature organized by the NC NAACP. Videos of the protests can be found on the NC NAACP webpage. There is a great and powerful uprising taking place to protest laws being considered (and in some cases passed)

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Justice Sundays

For several years until June 2016, ERUUF funded the various justice projects that the Justice Council chose for continued long-term focus at ERUUF by periodically designating the collection plate offering for the Justice Council.  Six Sundays of the year, the plate was given to the Justice Council to support justice ministry at ERUUF and in the broader community.

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NC Migrant Farm Workers

For the past 12 years, ERUUFians and our Farm worker Support Action Team have supported the efforts of NC migrant farm workers to improve their living and working conditions. Tremendous progress was made – and the lives of 7,000 H2A farm workers improved – when a contract was signed in late 2004 with Mt. Olive Pickle. Since then farm workers have been trying to get the attention of an even larger corporate entity which indirectly controls all aspects of 30,000 farm workers' lives on the farms which supply its tobacco product – RJ Reynolds (RJR).

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Multicultural Conference (4)

thumb internationalcolour-logoTransformations: Building a Multicultural Beloved Community

Sat., Feb. 11, 2012

8:30 am - 3 pm

Led by UUA's Multicultural Congregations Program Coordinator Rev. Alicia R. Forde (keynotespeaker), the conference also included breakout groups to consider issues in depth.

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Workshop: Immigrant Voices

Creating a New History through Spoken Word

February 7, 2012, 7-9 pm (Fellowship Hall)

Led by Kendall Jones and Paula Cole Jones. Often times we hear about the history of historically marginalized people through the words of the privileged. Understanding demographic change is often told through a story of statics void of emotion and experience. The words of immigrants can shift our perception of history and give way to a new reality.

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