3 Things Leaders Should Know

The ERUUF community continues to grow in complexity and variety of activities offered.  As of the end of our last program year, we reported some 102 groups or teams active at ERUUF and over 185 events, classes or activities for the year.  We need your help in keeping up to date with all that is going on, so that we can better support you and plan mindfully for the future.  Here’s how:

1. If you lead a voluntary group, eg. the parent’s group, the humanist group or the folk ensemble, that meets regularly at ERUUF, you have a staff partner.  Please be in communication with your staff partner and the ERUUF office about the following:

    • In March, report to the office the average attendance at your group.
    • Whenever there is a change in leadership of the group.
    • Review what is on the website about your group with your staff partner and communicate any desired or necessary changes to the office.
    • Notify the Membership Ministry Team if someone new attends your group and try to get some contact information if possible.  This is one of the main “side doors” that we can use to build our beloved community.
    • Encourage participants in your group who are ERUUF members to join MyEruuf and post a picture.

      Make it easy! Use the handy Group Information form

2. If you lead a committee, task force, or other group that helps do the work of making ERUUF run smoothly (we call them ministry teams):

    • Send an updated list of group members in October and at least one other time in the spring to the office.  This list is kept in our database.  (We welcome notification of changes in membership at any time.)
    • Let the office know whenever there is a change in leadership of the group.
    • You can request a listing for volunteers that are needed by submitting a description, when needed and time involved to (as well as putting notices in email or tabling).  Your notice will appear on the volunteer opportunities webpage.
    • Monitor any information about your committee/group that appears on the website.  We are open to putting up information that you would like to have known about your group and its work.  Simply send the wording or pictures to .

3. If you hold, support or advertise an event or teach a class, within a week or two afterwards:

    • At ERUUF – report the attendance at the event (or average attendance if it is a series). See the Activity Report form.
    • In the greater community – report the number of ERUUFians attending
    • Send pictures of the event for use on the website or in future articles/notices
    • Write, or have some attendee write, a 1-2 paragraph story about the event – what it meant to you, how much fun or educational it was, etc.  -which will be used to keep our website lively and interesting, as well as let people know about your group’s mission