Room Use and Calendar Viewing

Many external organizations and groups benefit from using and renting the facilities available on the ERUUF campus. We do not include these events on the ERUUF web calendar for several reasons.

  1. Adding these events would make it difficult to find the ERUUF events on the calendar.
  2. These events are not sanctioned by ERUUF.
  3. Sometimes the people in charge of the event do not wish to be advertised.

If you are looking to request space for an ERUUF group and event, other factors also need to be considered.

  1. Event times on the web calendar do not include the set up and breakdown times.
  2. Some groups have more requirements for space considerations that neighboring events may impact. (Example: quiet for a meditation group.)
  3. Construction and building maintenance may impact what is available on a given day.

Thank you for reading and understanding the dynamics of finding solutions to your room requests.