Finding Yourself at ERUUF

We invite each person who arrives at ERUUF to embark on pathways of spiritual growth and engagement in our liberal progressive faith.

The Finding Yourself At ERUUF courses are designed to support your commitment to personal and spiritual growth, while also deepening your understanding of our UU faith and the values we hold as a covenantal community. Throughout the process, you’ll likely find that your relationships at ERUUF will become stronger as well.

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Spiritual Odyssey

Every summer a series of beloved ERUUFians present the story of their personal and/or spiritual quests. We’ll hear about early childhood memories, important forks in the road, significant events, and a few funny anecdotes along the way! Join us for an hour of storytelling and enlightenment as you get to know your fellowship friends better. Each Spiritual Odyssey is followed by a period of Q & A, so that you can go deeper with the speaker.

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Browse through the variety of adult classes offered. Additional courses will be added as they become available. The specific dates and times are listed in the Class Schedule.

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Adult Programs Team

Vision: Our vision is to contribute to ERUUF’s mission by shaping Adult Programs that breathe life into our Principles by encouraging members and friends from various traditions to experience spiritual deepening and faith development as we grow interpersonally in a caring, inspiring, and welcoming learning community.

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Contact Person: Victoria Zula
Role: Chair
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Lead Minister