We invite each person who arrives at ERUUF to embark on pathways of spiritual growth and engagement in our liberal progressive faith. The pathways encourage a personal search for truth and meaning, engage the human longing for community, and ultimately transform us as we deepen in our spiritual commitments and put our UU faith and values into action in the world around us.

Here’s a map of how that journey would look for many of us, with suggested points along the way:

Visitors Connect at ERUUF by experiencing:

           *Required for membership.

 Members Engage when deepening their exploration through:

  • Learning about UU Principles and Sources, history, theology, identity, and more through our Adult Programs.
  • Exploring Spiritual Practices.
  • Serving on a Fellowship Team to help the community run smoothly.
  • Living out our faith beyond ERUUF’s walls through practices of Justice in the larger world.
  • Taking on a Leadership role at ERUUF.

Long-term Members Transform themselves and the world through their commitment:

  •  As Leaders and Stewards of the congregation (lead a team, teach a class, serve on a team that cares for the fellowship, or lead a strategic initiative).
  •  In Caring for one another.
  • To continually learn and evolve as we co-create a transformed world for the highest good of everyone.



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