You will be invited to enter into covenant with the entire congregation on a New Member Sunday; the day will culminate with an event held in your honor!

Engage and deepen your exploration as a member by learning about UU Principles and Sources, history, theology, identity, and more throughout Finding Yourself at ERUUF courses. Also, seek out the opportunities at ERUUF to:

  • Explore spiritual practices
  • Serve on a Fellowship Team
  • Live out our faith and values beyond ERUUF’s walls through practices of Justice.
  • Join a Small Group or Affinity Group to express, explore ideas, build relationships, and to simply enjoy yourself.

You can find out more about all these through the weekly E-News and on the ERUUF website.

We're delighted you want to be here, and welcome you as a new member of ERUUF!

For more information about membership at ERUUF, contact Rev. Jacqueline Brett