Becoming a member of ERUUF represents a deeper and more intentional connection with our faith community. It also involves discerning whether ERUUF fits with your values, interests and needs.

As a Fellowship of highly committed members, we want you to take some time to visit with us on Sundays to be with the gathered community, and perhaps also participate in activities or events within the Fellowship, as you give thoughtful consideration to the important decision of joining ERUUF.

Membership at ERUUF is open to all people, 16 years of age and older. Joining involves three important actions:

1. Attend the Inquirers Series of eight (8) classes offered each Sunday morning to welcome and inform visitors and friends about ERUUF, you will converse with ministers, staff, and lay leaders as you learn about ERUUF’s values, culture, and ministries, along with basics about Unitarian Universalism. Eight topics are covered, one per session, and then repeated throughout the year.

For those who prefer to take the classes all at once, a full day retreat will be offered on a Saturday in the Fall and Spring. See Inquirers Series for class descriptions.

2. Attend a Belonging At ERUUF session to become a member.
When you are fully ready to make the decision to join, register for a Belonging at ERUUF session. Here you’ll learn about the difference your membership makes, and participate in a membership book signing ceremony with our ministers.

3. Consider a stewardship pledge to the congregation.
Stewardship involves a contribution of each members’ time, talent, and treasure to the congregation. Everything you see and experience at ERUUF is due to the generosity of our members and friends.

  • Time and talent: We ask each member to serve the Fellowship in a meaningful way that causes you to flourish and ERUUF to thrive as we create a Beloved Community together, and also serve the larger community beyond our walls.
  • Treasure: As a completely self-funded congregation, ERUUF's bylaws encourage all members to make an annual financial contribution to support the work of the Fellowship. Understanding that everyone is in a different place financially, there is no minimum pledge.

The Details