ERUUF Coronavirus Updates

June 15, 2021


PHASE THREE:  In summary, beginning July 1, the campus will begin to reopen for limited indoor and outdoor use by groups and classes in accord with public health standards

  • the rate of new covid cases in North Carolina is 5% or lower
  • more than 50% of the local population has had at least one vaccine dose
  • two of four members of the Coordinating Team are available for immediate consultation as needed; the DRE or substitute staff member will be present for RE programs.

If public health conditions deteriorate, we will return to previous restrictions as recommended by CDC, NC DHHS, etc. 

Click on the document linked below to read the fully updated policy, including guidelines for Worship, Programs, and Religious Education.


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Rev. Deborah Cayer
June 16, 2021
In Care
I’ve been present as several people have come back to campus for the first time. Usually, people slow their pace and take time to really look around. Most people at that point begin to tear up. Not being together in person in this beloved place with ...
Rev. Deborah Cayer
April 29, 2021
In Care
For the longest time over the course of this pandemic, we were in “hurry up and wait” mode. But suddenly with vaccines rolling out so quickly and successfully, conditions are changing rapidly for the better. And now we find ourselves in something lik...
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
April 22, 2021
Palms Together
For a person with indigenous roots in the Southeast who is looking for evidence of your homeland, you have to follow invisible maps. The landscape has changed, the surfaces of our histories have been written over: the longleaf pine ecosystem of Creek...