May 21, 2020

ERUUF is Online. We are following all City of Durham and State of North Carolina pandemic guidelines.

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May 14, 2020

ERUUF is Online. We are following all City of Durham and State of North Carolina pandemic guidelines.

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May 7, 2020

ERUUF is Online. We are following all City of Durham and State of North Carolina pandemic guidelines.

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April 23, 2020

ERUUF is Online. We are following all City of Durham and State of North Carolina pandemic guidelines.

Date Change for Annual Meeting
At the April Board meeting, ERUUF’s Board set the date for the Annual Meeting on June 28, 2020. This is much later than we usually hold the meeting. The Board believes this will give Stewardship and Annual Pledge Team leaders the time we need to complete the Annual Pledge Campaign, and for the Coordinating Team and Board to create a budget for the coming year based on realistic financial resources. If you haven’t yet made your pledge of support for 2020-21, it would help immensely if you would do that online now.

Update From Rev. Cayer: April 23, 2020

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May 1, 2020

 ERUUF Helping ERUUFians 

Thank you to everyone who has sent contributions to the Ministers Discretionary Fund. Some have sent their stimulus checks and others have contributed $10, and each represents a genuine sacrifice.  Thanks to everyone’s love and support, together we’ve helped fellow members close the gap on essentials such as rent and mortgage, food, transportation, and utilities. Many are still waiting after six or more weeks to hear back from the unemployment office, or about their SBA loans. Those pictures of long lines of very nice middle-class cars in line at food pantries?  That’s us, middle America, one paycheck, one health crisis away from losing it all. But in this congregation, we won’t let each other go hungry or sit in the dark with the lights turned off. Thank you also to everyone who has contributed to ERUUF itself by pledge completion, or extra contribution. You inspire me, ERUUF…you really do.  

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Rev. Cayer Update: April 16, 2020

Update from Rev. Cayer: April 16, 2020

How are you doing?

I hope you’re figuring out new regular routines; these can be very helpful in supporting a healthy experience of work/life balance.

ERUUF’s Finances
Just as this pandemic has thrown businesses, non-profits and each of our families into financial uncertainty, it’s also had an effect on ERUUF. ERUUF’s income mainly comes from our members’ generous financial support (given weekly or monthly by most) and building rentals. Our rentals left the campus at the same time we did, and it’s normal that all of us hold our resources closely in the midst of uncertainty. So as might be expected, in March ERUUF’s income was down by almost 40%, and it looks as though this will be true for the month of April as well. We are fortunate to have some savings to draw on to cover this loss of income in the short term. We have also applied for a Small Business Administration Loan, which does offer support for employees of religious institutions (not the institutions themselves). We have not yet had a response but will share results when we do.

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Rev. Cayer Update: April 9, 2020

Update from Rev. Cayer: April 9, 2020

It’s felt to me as though we’ve been living the mythic story of Passover, when the ancient Israelites saw their chance in the midst of horror, grabbed everything they could carry, and left Egypt so fast their bread didn’t have a chance to rise. Now we know how that could happen. We left public life so quickly we only had time to grab what we thought we’d need in order to work and study at home for a short while. It’s looking much longer now. How long? To be determined.

ERUUF’s Finances
In a special meeting on April 2, the ERUUF Board met in emergency session to learn about an emergency federally backed loan program from the Small Business Administration (SBA 7a) that allows all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, including religious institutions, to borrow money to keep all their employees on payroll for two months. If these conditions are met the loan becomes a federal grant. The Board voted to apply for a loan because this is a national effort to keep all sectors of the economy afloat. The program essentially will enable everyone to “press pause” for a couple of months, and then get back to speed more quickly than if we sink into worldwide financial depression. (Large American corporations also are receiving assistance.) ERUUF’s application is being processed and we’ll share results as soon as we know what they are.

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April 2, 2020


Campus Update | April 2, 2020: ERUUF has gone online!  Worship with us live on Sunday morning at 9:00 am and Wednesday evening Vespers at 7:00 pm. View past services here. Take a class or join an online group: Check your weekly e-news and our website to learn what’s available. See upcoming Adult Classes here. Connect with fellow members and ministers through online small group meetings and individual phone calls. Click on any event listed in the events calendar at the bottom of our homepage to sign up or find more specific information.

March 27, 2020

At ERUUF we are committed to following Durham's Stay at Home order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (in effect until April 30).
We have moved to online only worship. On Sunday morning join us at 9:00 for the live stream service; the recording will be posted by 11 am. On our home page scroll down to Online Together.

On Wednesday evening join us by Zoom for a Wednesday Evening Vespers Service at 7pm. This will be a shorter, more informal service led remotely by Revs. Cayer and Brett, and will include recorded music, readings, stories, spoken and silent meditation, or prayer.

ERUUF lay leaders are in the process of moving their small groups, classes, and meetings online using programs such as Google Hangouts or Zoom.

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Campus Update: ERUUF's Response to Coronavirus

We’ve been carefully following developments and CDC recommendations around the outbreak of COVID-19. As you’re probably aware, as of last night the CDC and WHO informed us that we're in the beginning stages of a worldwide pandemic.

Health officials know that the virus is already here, replicates rapidly, and has the potential to overwhelm world health care systems. The strategy they are currently urging is that we practice “social distancing” (remain three feet apart, and keep washing your hands and using tissues) to slow the spread, “flatten the curve” and eventually contain the virus to manageable levels.  

After consulting with the Board, here is ERUUF’s plan through the end of March

  • ERUUF will move to online only worship (live at 9:00 am, recording available by noon).
  • All meetings of ERUUF groups, classes, committees and teams must be rescheduled or moved to an online platform.  
  • ERUUF staff and ministers will mainly work remotely during this time.

We are implementing these changes to help protect the most vulnerable among us, and to help contain the spread of this disease. We will reassess urgent needs and our fellowship’s response at the end of the month.  

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Coronavirus: Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

We know that coronavirus is on everyone's mind and we want to share the plans we've put in place at ERUUF to help contain its spread. ERUUF's lay leaders, ministers and staff are here.  We plan to offer services, classes and other programs as usual, unless we're advised otherwise by health officials.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or needs.  Truly, it can help just to talk to someone if this health crisis (or anything else that's going on) is making you uncomfortable.

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