The members of the ERUUF Christian Fellowship (ECF) have written a new statement of faith based on our values both as Unitarian Universalists and followers of Jesus's teachings. The ECF uses the statement during our meetings, along with the seven UU Principles, as reminders of the spiritual and life paths we strive to walk. ECF members share this statement with the larger Fellowship as an example of  how we find the Sources and Principles work together to inform our spiritual journey.

The process of putting this statement together became a valuable, open period of discovery that has led to the growth and deepening of our individual spiritual paths. After reading this statement, we invite you to make your own study of our UU Principles and Sources. May they guide you along your journey.

 ERUUF Christian Fellowship Statement of Faith

In addition to the Unitarian Universalist Principles, we affirm our faith together as UU Christians:

We put our trust in the God of many names and natures as eternal and universal Love; in the spiritual leadership of Jesus and his positive, life-affirming messages of liberation, essential goodness, spiritual freedom, and unconditional compassion; and in the power of persons of good will and sacrificial spirit with whom we join to progressively establish the Beloved Community. 

We affirm that Scripture offers us powerful stories, great wisdom, and lessons of truth, and we trust in the authority of that truth, known and to be known. We believe that God can be revealed anywhere, through innumerable sources, both present and past. We remain open to experience the Sacred, as did our ancestors, in the natural world, in our interactions with other people, and through our scriptural study and acts of service.

We believe in the goodness and heart of Christian values and that only by putting them into action, do those values have any meaning. We trust that we do not act alone in this endeavor. When we listen to the teachings revealed through our experiences and strive to follow them, we partner with life and time to make whole that which is broken. In our lives, we acknowledge that “why?’ is not the right question; Beloved Community arises from asking what we should do next and how.