On Sunday, April 14th, the Middle School Youth Group held a bake sale to raise money for a local charity of their choice. After it was over, ten of the youth met to count the money and decide what to do with the proceeds. 

Middle School Youth GroupDuring check-in, each of the kids described how they were personally affected by the gas explosion that happened in downtown Durham the preceding week, either directly or indirectly (two of the kids were in attendance at DSA during the explosion). When the discussion came around to what to do with the money, they voted unanimously to donate the proceeds to help the victims of the gas explosion. They felt strongly that they should contribute both to the Lee family, and also to the injured firefighter and to those who lost jobs at small businesses that have had to close. The final count was $301, which will be donated to the Bull City Rebuilds GoFundMe campaign.

The MSYG coordinators are grateful to everyone who purchased or supplied goods, and for the kids who opened their hearts to those in need.

Counting Money