Highlighted Events

  • JAZZ VESPERS -- A Collaborative Worship Service (Sat, Jun 1 4:00 pm)

    All are welcome to this worship service with the NCCU Jazz Studies Program.

  • Annual Meeting (Sun, Jun 2 12:00 pm)

    Annual business meeting for members to vote on budget, officers and bylaw revisions.

  • Spiritual Odyssey (Sun, Jun 9 9:00 am)

    Members' personal stories of life and spiritual quest. This Sunday featuring Rose Auman.

  • Intergenerational Wisdom Sharing Circles (Sun, Jun 9 12:15 pm)

    ERUUFians of all ages, walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities are invited to join in this skill-building session to build Beloved Community.

  • Spiritual Odyssey (Sun, Jun 16 9:00 am)

    Members' personal stories of life and spiritual quest.

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Next Service

Sunday, May 26, 2019: 10:30 am

Good Guys Wear White Hats
Rev. John Saxon
Music: Dick Clark

White UUs (and other white progressives) engaged in the work of social justice and dismantling racism often see ourselves as the “good guys who wear white hats” (or, at least, I do). But the world isn’t made up of “good guys wearing white hats” versus “bad guys with black hats.”

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Newsworthy Conversations

Allison Mahaley
January 17, 2019
Youth Education
What is a Developmental Youth Ministry Specialist? Besides being a mouthful, this position is both unique and temporary: unique because no other position at ERUUF claims “specialist” (though every paid staff position here requires a degree of special...
Rev. Deborah Cayer
November 28, 2018
In Care
In the midst of uncertainty of many varieties, this fall I’ve been looking for renewal everywhere I can find it. A great source has been a new garden that Chris and I designed and helped install in our backyard in October.After heavy rain that caused...
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
November 18, 2018
Palms Together
My mother is the family griot. She holds the memories of our family from way back, and enjoys sharing them, sometimes for the sake of the stories themselves, at other times for the irony and teachings they hold.In certain West African cultures the gr...