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Rev. Jim Lewis
February 14, 2024
Holding Hearts
This past Sunday, my sermon was on how building deep relationships might help us create a world that works for everyone.  There was one part I did not get to in that sermon.  I would love to share it with you here. A few years ago, I starte...
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
February 08, 2024
Palms Together
This February our monthly Soul Matters theme is Justice & Equity. You’ll hear about it in Sunday sermons, small group ministry discussions, in the Religious Exploration classes for our children, and also in a Soulful Home packet for our families ...
Rev. Daniel Trollinger
January 25, 2024
The Inner Workings
In reflecting on goals, hopes, and dreams for 2024, what does Love ask, of each one of us, in this year, in this month, in this moment? Pause and listen, for the call of love, deep within the heart. Opening, allowing, noticing. Someone from the local...

ERUUF Coronavirus Updates

April 27, 2023

A new phase has been reached in the COVID-19 virus.

As a spiritual community, we at ERUUF strive to create a culture of respect and care for one another. Our Covid-19 policies have been guided by serious concern and consideration for the safety and well-being of all ERUUF members, staff, and visitors, with a commitment to equity and care for the most vulnerable among us and those who are marginalized both at ERUUF and in the larger community.

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Next Service

Sunday, February 25, 2024: 9:00 am (in person only), 11:00 am (online and in person)

American Project
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Music: Eno River Singers (11:00am); Kate Lewis – Pianist; Wendy Looker – Music Director

February 2024 Theme: Justice & Equity

 We conclude this month’s theme of justice and equity by acknowledging Black History Month, and how each of  these intersect with the American project of democracy, liberty for all, and the ever-constant call of our UU values, spirit, and conscience.