It's the holiday season, and there are plenty of extra opportunities to practice generosity here at ERUUF, including Share Your Christmas, a Sock Hop for Urban Ministries, and a Poinsettia Sale to benefit the Coming of Age Youth. Beyond the holidays, there are a wide variety of jobs supporting the Urban Ministries homeless shelter such as making dinners, baking cookies and more!

One of those tasks staffed by ERUUF volunteers is picking up surplus food at a local grocery store and delivering it to the shelter. Jim McQuaid, who works on the Sunday pickup team took this photo of his pickup recently and remarks, “I love this volunteer work not only for its value to those it helps but also because it is so simple, tangible, and immediate. I move something people have to give directly to those who need it.”

To learn more or get involved with opportunities to support our  local homeless population, visit Homeless Action Group or contact Bo Glenn, Coordinator.