by the Ministerial Transition Communication Team

Reverend Daniel Trollinger is a familiar face around ERUUF, but is no longer in a familiar role. Instead of keeping the Fellowship office running smoothly, he is in a new role as Executive Minister!

When asked about his current responsibility and what excites him about it he said, “ I am excited about the opportunities for creativity and connection in my new role as Executive Minister which calls me to be more forward facing with the congregation through participating in worship, offering classes, and working with certain program groups. I serve as staff partner for Affinity groups and new groups, Buildings and Grounds, Stewardship Steering Team, White Awareness Group, Pledge Drive Team, and Planned Giving Team. In addition to serving on the Coordinating Team and Worship Team, I continue to hold several broad areas of responsibility at ERUUF: finance and long-term financial planning; communications; staff supervision; Information Technology; and facilities maintenance (large projects). Many of the day-to-day operations and facilities issues are now handled by Shawn Trimble, our Office Administrator.”

According to Reverend Daniel, his work at ERUUF began in 2009 as Director of Administration, so he has watched ERUUF grow and mature in various ways over the past 13 years. He enjoys being part of a community that holds such a strong commitment to welcoming, justice, racial equity and inclusion, sustainability, and spiritual care and looks forward to working with the congregation in different ways as he engages his new role in ministry.

In Reverend Daniel’s outside life, he has experience leading workshops in holistic health, meditation, and spiritual growth. It was surprising to more than a few congregants to discover that he is an ordained Interfaith Minister that values the perspective of many spiritual traditions and practices. He cherishes any time he can see his three daughters, who grew up in the congregation and are now in their 20s living in New England and Colorado. For fun, he enjoys hiking, backpacking, and photography, both locally on the Eno River and in the mountains.

If you’re looking for a great conversation starter, just mention his houseplants and slip him some tips for keeping them healthy!