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ERUUF's Refugee and Immigrant Action Group is staying very active with our Afghan Family Support Project, in conjunction with Church World Service. Two Afghan families are now being co-sponsored by ERUUF-- a total of 11 people. Our volunteers are primarily working with one family, with a specific focus, like health, school, and employment. In the last week, we have been working toward getting the kids in the larger family (6 kids!) enrolled in school, making sure they have adequate winter clothes and shoes and helping the parents understand the mechanics of their home (they have no experience with either a dishwasher or a whole house vacuum). In the small family, our ESL volunteers are now visiting daily to work separately with each of the parents. They are working on basic things like greetings, colors, and body parts. One day last week they sang the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” song, and labeled more body parts.

These are the big needs right now:

Do you know of an entry-level job that might be suitable for these men? We are working with both of the fathers to help them find their first jobs in America. We are seeking all options, as the usual online application process is not likely to work, since neither has any US schooling or work history. If you own your own business or are in a decision-making position within a hiring organization and see a potential fit, please send an email to .

Do you have a used car that you can donate sometime in the next few months? Neither father can drive here yet, but soon we will start teaching them to drive. Let us know by sending an email to .

To learn more, see our video from last week or check our posts on the ERUUF Facebook group page.
You can always get in touch with our co-sponsorship team by emailing .