Earth Day for Earth People: Voices on the Front Lines
Worship Leaders: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Earth Justice Action Group Members-- Betsy Bickel, Cheryl Turney, Chris Macon, Lila Rosa, Tom Fletcher

We celebrate Earth Day by centering the voices of those most directly impacted by environmental injustice and climate change: people on the front lines.

Join ERUUF's Earth Justice Action Group in welcoming members of the Haliwa Saponi Tribe, Native Americans Crystal Cavalier and Jason Keck, Naeemah Muhammed of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, members of Richmond County, North Carolina and ERUUF's Jeremy Tarr, who works with Governor Cooper on climate change. Music from the Haliwa Saponi, Jewelsong, the Chilton and Clarke families, Chris Macon, Emma's Revolution and Debra Hammond.