February 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Here are just some of the new and good things happening at ERUUF: membership is up to 735 adult members, and more people than ever are engaged in worship, groups, classes, and serving together. Sunday services are expressive and joyful, and our choirs and musical groups inspire us weekly. Justice programs are strong and ERUUF is better able to be a skillful social justice partner.  This winter our Board is finishing up a congregation-wide Visioning process, and youth and adults have teamed up to redesign our middle and high school youth programs. Our children’s RE classes encourage questions and open minds, and racial equity and inclusion continue to weave into all of ERUUF’s programming. 

There has been positive financial development as well. ERUUF now has a sizeable Scheduled Maintenance Reserve Fund, and this winter we received a gift of $50,000 for our Operating Reserve; both funds create significant financial stability for the fellowship.  In addition, last fall the Board gratefully accepted a gift of $40,000 from a member who recognized that our vibrant activity had created an urgent need for increased office staffing. 

Our annual budget is funded primarily by our members; rentals account for the rest. It is your time and talent that makes ERUUF such a dynamic and caring place, and it is your generous financial support that sustains ERUUF’s growth as we connect, engage and transform lives.

Our budget goal for 2019-2020 is $1M, which enables us to add support staff to help manage the logistics, responsibilities and outreach that flow from ERUUF’s vibrancy. If you are new to the process and need suggestions for determining your pledge, the Fair Share Guide may be helpful. If you are already pledging, we ask you to consider an increase of 5% or more to ensure ERUUF remains strong and successful. 

We believe this is very doable. The current 2018-2019 budget is $956,000. An increase by each household of 5% or more will address our $1M 2019-2020 commitments. A household giving $600 annually would increase their pledge by $30; one giving $1200, by $60; one giving $3000, $150. For those who are able to give more, your generosity translates to a stronger ERUUF. We understand that an increase isn’t possible for every household and that’s okay. But, if you appreciate what’s happening at ERUUF and are able, please seriously consider increasing your annual gift to the fellowship. 

With so much growth in the Triangle and other great change happening in the world, it is crucial that we keep the light and hope of our Unitarian Universalist principles shining brightly. We can best accomplish this by continuing to give generously of our time, talent and treasure.


Rev. Deborah Cayer

Lead Minister

Pledging Action Steps

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A pledge is a promise of what you will give for 2019-2020. Choose how you would like to sustain ERUUF's growth. Every gift counts. Thank you! 

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ERUUF has several ways that you can give your contributions for your pledge: online, text, recurring/auto-draft, check, cash. Choose the date when your recurring gifts would start.

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