Dear Members and Friends,

At a team meeting recently, the group paused to reflect on what we’d just accomplished, and then went on to notice other new and good things happening throughout the fellowship. Energizing worship and fantastic choirs; new solar panels that will reduce our carbon footprint; classes for adults that are serving large numbers, and so much more. Then a younger member thoughtfully said, “You know, things are really pretty good at ERUUF right now. We’re in kind of a golden era. That’ll change, that’s just normal, but we really ought to take a moment and notice the good things happening right now.”

I agree! And, it feels especially good to belong to a group that’s doing significant things despite challenges in the larger world. This is possible in part because we’ve made important internal changes over the past several years, such as changes to our budgeting and finances, that now better support the more complex congregation ERUUF has become. With vision and dedication our members have created a Campus Needs Fund to take care of regular replacement of big ticket items such as HVAC and roofs. And for the first time, thanks to very generous donations, and new policies that assure clarity and transparency, ERUUF now also has a Strategic Needs Fund to support innovations and growth. Now we’re able to stay ahead of repairs and still turn our attention to programs that support our members’ growth, and outreach in service of equity and justice for all.

All this vitality is currently supported by a 1.03M annual budget that primarily comes from our members each year. We anticipate a similar, or slightly larger budget in the coming year (2020-21). We’ll continue to offer programs in support of adult learning and spiritual growth, and of course support our children’s programs. Our justice work remains front and center as we continue to work towards racial equity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

This year one of our goals is participation. Gifts of every size are welcome. We ask that Each of Us and All of Us take a look at the UUA Giving Guide to find your level of engagement with the fellowship. And then look to see if your financial support matches the value you experience here. My family and I have adopted this approach with every organization to which we give. ERUUF receives most of this, but with all our giving we’ve learned to “give until it feels good,” because in doing this, we’ve discovered real freedom, empowerment and gladness. In a time when it’s easy to sometimes feel powerless, we’ve found a great sense of wellbeing in the clear alignment between our giving and our values. I encourage you to check this out and see if this might be true for you and your family as well.


Deborah Cayer, Lead Minister

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