Much of ERUUF’s financial support comes from sustainers. That means people pay their pledge through automatic drafts on a regular basis. Drafts come from checking accounts, debit or credit cards. Sustainers find monthly drafts a helpful way to pay a pledge over a period of time, and an easy way to keep their records. Also, monthly pledge payments create a revenue stream that is a big help to ERUUF.

Setting up your automatic draft is now digital. Just go to the Give Now page and set up your recurring gift. (Yes, you can schedule your starting date and how often.)

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To help plan for recurring expenses, we hope to increase the number of ERUUF "sustainers." Sustainers agree to pay their pledge on an ongoing basis by using auto drafts (e.g., monthly) from a bank account or credit card. From this time forward, sustainers won't need to pledge annually because sustainer auto drafts continue non-stop and year-to-year until you tell us to change (e.g., increase, decrease, or stop). Please let us know of your intentions around monthly and annual giving so we can keep our records up to date.

You can track your contributions through MyERUUF on the website.



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